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About me


I was born in Menlo Park, graduated from Stanford and had a successful career in biotech. In the late 1980s, my husband and I put down roots in District 4. We sent our three children to the wonderful local public schools. Like many of you, I have juggled family, career, and volunteer service. Through my recent service on City commissions, I have come to understand the impact of downtown development and accessible housing on things like schools and safe streets. Menlo Park City Council needs fresh faces with local voices to represent residents’ interests in our quality of life, economic opportunity and responsible development. I will be your representative. I’m not aligned with any political faction and I have the time and desire to listen to your ideas. If you, too, believe we must do better for our community, then join me!


  • Stanford University, 1977, double major in Human Biology and Psychology

  • Former biotech senior management, Genentech and Travenol-Genentech Diagnostics

  • Menlo Park Bicycle and Complete Streets Commissioner since 2015

  • Neighborhood advocate for Santa Cruz Avenue sidewalks

  • Leader/Coach/Volunteer with Oak Knoll PTA/PTO, Hillview Middle PTO, Menlo-Atherton High School, 4H, AYSO, CYSA

  • 31-year resident on Santa Cruz Avenue


Reclaim our neighborhood streets
Traffic is a fact of life in Silicon Valley. We must work to ensure that Menlo Park’s streets are safe and fully functional for our residents. I will focus on Menlo Park-specific transit infrastructure improvements such as safe bike lanes, sidewalks and efficient intersections. My goal is to improve the travel experience for all users — whether they ride bikes, walk, or travel in buses and cars.

Tackle our jobs/housing imbalance
Many of our local stores and restaurants have a “help wanted” sign but positions go unfilled because workers cannot afford to live here. We need to address the fact that so many people with good jobs have trouble renting in Menlo Park, much less buying a home here. I will promote smarter housing development along transportation corridors while working to prevent displacement of our neighbors and community members.

Focus on shared community benefits
Whether confronting development, solving traffic problems or dealing with the many other issues that will surely come before the City Council, my constant focus will be on ensuring that we take action with the benefits to Menlo Park residents in mind. I want to make sure we do our homework, identify alternatives, incentivize the changes we want to see, and hold each other accountable. The Menlo Park community is one worth preserving, and fighting for.


The Almanac (October 14, 2018)

Editorial endorsement: Newcomers deserve seats on the Menlo Park City Council

Much has changed in Menlo Park since 2010, when two incumbents who are now running for re-election to the City Council were elected to their first council terms. And though change is inevitable and some of the changes in the last eight years have been positive, too many have adversely affected the quality of life for residents — or threaten to do so in the future. Many of those residents are calling for change, citing transportation and housing crises stemming from the jobs-to-housing imbalance exacerbated by shortsighted approvals of big development.

Incumbents Kirsten Keith of District 2 and Peter Ohtaki of District 4 are asking voters to return them to the council for third terms. Their challengers point to what they see as the current council's record of accommodating developers at the expense of residents' needs, and to a lack of transparency in how the city governs…

We acknowledge and appreciate Kirsten Keith's commitment to the community, and her investment of time and effort on behalf of the city. But after eight years, we believe change is in order.

We support Betsy Nash in her bid to represent District 4. A member of the Complete Streets Commission, Nash wants to focus on making our streets safer for everyone, but has a specific goal of encouraging people to get out of their cars by making walking, biking and other alternative means of getting around more convenient and safe.

She also has a strong commitment to addressing the jobs-to-housing imbalance, in part by supporting more transit-oriented development…

We encourage Menlo Park voters to support Cecilia Taylor, Drew Combs and Betsy Nash for the City Council.


Voters’ Guide (HERE).


*indicates District 4 resident


DemFems Silicon Valley The Almanac
San Mateo County Democratic Party
Sierra Club


Bianca Walser*, Complete Streets Commissioner
Bill Kirsch*, Complete Streets Commission Chair
Chris Thomsen*, Sequoia Union High School District Trustee
Cindy Welton, Former Bicycle Commission Chair
David Roise*, Former Bicycle Commission Chair
Diane Bailey, Transportation Master Plan, Oversight and Outreach Committee Member
Heyward Robinson, Former City of Menlo Park Mayor
Horace Nash*, Heritage Tree Task Force Member
Janelle London, Environmental Quality Commissioner
Jen Wolosin, Transportation Master Plan, Oversight and Outreach Committee Member
Joan Lambert, Menlo Park City School District Board Member
John Kadvany*, Former Planning Commissioner
Katie Behroozi, Complete Streets Commission Vice Chair
Kelly Fergusson, Former City of Menlo Park Mayor
Kristen Leep*, Library Commission Chair
Laird Simons, Ravenswood Education Foundation Board Vice President
Lydia Lee, Complete Streets Commissioner
Meg McGraw-Scherer, Housing Commission Chair
Nancy Travers*, Former Parks & Recreation Commissioner
Patti Fry*, Former Planning Commissioner
Peter Carpenter, Menlo Park Fire Protection District Board Member
Phil Mazzara, Complete Streets Commissioner
Rachel Horst*, Housing Commissioner
Sally Cole*, Heritage Tree Task Force Vice Chair
Scott Saywell, Menlo Park City School District Board Member Elect
Steve Schmidt, Former City of Menlo Park Mayor


Alireza Farhoush*
Andrea Bunt
Andrew Gomme*
Angela Sherry Evans
Ann James*
Brigit Karle*
Bruce Felt*
Catherine McMillan*
Cecile Currier*
Charles Bacon*
Cindy Kin*
Corey Binns*
Cristina Tato*
Cynthia Dusel-Bacon*
Darcy Prime*
David Hauk*
David S. Willner*
Debbie Littleton-Gerow*
Debbie Verity*
Don Holmquist*
Donna McMaster*
Ed Solomon*
Eleanor Rakanitz*
Eric Olson*
Geri Doran*
Gwen Solomon*
Heidi Abrams*
Hilary Kushins*
Janet Diepenbrock*
Jeff Kleck
Jessica Hickingbotham*
Jill Grossman*
Jim Dickerson*
Johanna Woll*
John Arnold*
Jonathan Nash*
Judy Leep*
Julie Gaston*
Julie Kleck
Katherine Robinson
Kellie Barrow*
Kelly Crawford*
Laurie Holyoake*
Leslie Peters*
Leslie Wallace*
Linda Feldman*
Lisa Saunders*
Lucile Spurlock*
Lynn Felt*
Mallory Hondorp-Crawford*
Margo McAuliffe
Marie Jackson*
Marijane Leonard*
Mark Gerow*
Mark Mitchell*
Marlene Arnold*
Mary Kenney*
Meg Tolbert*
Megan Nash*
Michael Closson*
Michael Doran*
Michael Manuccia*
Nancy Kiesling*
Nancy Terry*
Peggy Propp
Peter Diepenbrock*
Sally Finkle*
Sara Leslie
Scott Herscher*
Sonya Schwab*
Stacey Burnett*
Sue Dickerson*
Susan Gillman*
Trish Mitchell*


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